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Shanghai Chengxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which boasts of scientific research, manufacture and sale. Our products include industrial drills, such as diamond drills, wall cutting machines and magnetic drills.
Our independent R&D products are very popular at home and abroad, such as multifunctional diamond drills, wall cutting machines and cutting and detaching machines, as well as multi-functional magnetic drills.
Chengxiang keeps up with what clients need, with an international and unique view. Here what we provide is not only fully-ranged, innovative and professional products, but also professional services in a highly efficient and swift way.


  Address: No. 2993 Gonghexin road ,Zhabei Distric Shanghai,China

  Contact:  Nonnie Lin

  Phone:    +86 (0)21 66550688

  Fax:         +86  (0)21 66319688

  Mobile/What's App:    +86  17717039819

  Skype:    nonnie.lin



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Address:No. 2993 Gonghexin road ,Zhabei Distric Shanghai,China

Contact:Nonnie Lin

Phone:+86 (0)21 66550688

Fax:+86 (0)21 66319688

Mobile:+86 17717039819


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