Pipe Magnetic Drill SCY-35PM, SCY-50PM

  • Permanent magnet
  • Magnet works without electricity
  • No heating for long time usage
  • Angle changed suitable for different size pipes
     Require 3mm thickness metal

Drilling Machine





Product model SCY-35PM SCY-50PM
Croe drill dia(mm)
Rated voltage(v) 110/220 110/220
Max.attraction(n) 16000 16500
Rated frequency(hz) 50~60 50~60
Rated input power(w) 1600 1700
No-load speed(rpm) 910 280/510


1.high power withsmall size and light weight.
2.with constant  power soft-starting and electric stepless speed-regulation.
3.with over-loading protection using electric speed-regulation.
4.high adhesion

Magnetic drill is a kind of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal level,side face and top face,and widely used in the building,bridge building,and ship building industries and so on.You can use the magnetic drill when you can not use drill press and electric hand drill to drill huge steel workpieces or in field operation.They are convenient and small,and can reducing work force and improve the machining accuracy and effiency.velocity-adjustable magnetic drill is characteristic of constant power,over-loading protection and infinitely viable speed transmission,etc.

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